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18 November 10

"Melody Day" - Caribou Vibration Ensemble + Marshall Allen (arr. Kieran Hebden) - 2010

A glorious reinterpretation of a song that was great to being with. Listening to this piece makes me think of watching a building snowstorm.

via StG.

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17 November 10

"Pigs" - DM Stith + Jefferson Street Band, "Thanksgiving Moon" (Asthmatic Kitty, 2009)

I dig this style of music although I don’t know quite what to call it…Baba Yaga jazz funeral? See also: Hazmat Modine.

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16 November 10

"Los Cuatro Muleros" - Josephine Foster + Victor Herrero Band, "Anda Jaleo" (Fire Records, 2010)

Let’s try this again, shall we? Easy now…

mp3 via StG.

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19 May 10

"Brooklyn Bound" - The Black Keys, "The Big Come-Up" (Alive Records, 2002)

Last year I jinxed myself by posting a Brooklyn song when I thought my roommate and I were about to move to Brooklyn. Well (I think) I’m about to move to Brooklyn again, hopefully the curse doesn’t continue.

I’m going to see the Black Keys at Housing Works tonight and am really excited. I’ve liked them for a long time but this’ll be my first time seeing them in concert. I haven’t had a listen to their new album yet, so tonight will be my first exposure. I still thing “The Big Come-Up” is their best album, but everything since then’s been pretty damn good too. I hope they play at least one Junior Kimbrough cover.

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18 May 10

"I Was Denied" - Thee Oh Sees, "Warm Slime" (In The Red, 2010)

Back by popular demand! (From Elise.)

Need to find the right balance between always and never.

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16 April 10

"In Ruins" - Fol Chen, "The New December" (Asthmatic Kitty, 2010)

Party tonight. Party on the tumblr.

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13 April 10

"Gay Human Bones" - Harlem, "Hippies" (Matador, 2010)

Perhaps it’s predictable to be into garagey rock right now, but dammit, this really is great.

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12 April 10

"Beach Kids" - Hanoi Janes, "Year of Panic" (Captured Tracks, 2010)

These guys are on the same label as Christmas Island and they have the same gorgeously carefree kickdrumming vibe. This was lovely on a sunny walk up 4th Ave in Bk.

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18 March 10

"Little Tiger" - Tune-Yards, "Bird-Brains" (4AD, 2009)

On Wednesday night I had a dream that included this as diagetic music, playing on a tape deck (tape deck) in a car. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dream where a song played so vividly, and certainly not a non-canonical song like this (maybe “Happy Birthday” or something). Not sure why, since I hadn’t been listening to it especially recently. But it is a very pretty song, so I wanted to share it.

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15 March 10

"The Mystery Zone" - Spoon, "Transference" (Merge, 2010)

I am a little behind getting around to listening to this record, but what a great song! I love Spoon’s ability to take things lightly but without a hint of irony or flippancy. I can hardly think of a song that is simpler than this one musically, yet it still manages to be incredibly beautiful. Spoon has never been at the very top of my list, but they are a truly great band (anyway).

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